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Making your dream a reality

Making your dream a reality. How many of us has a dream out there but have dont nothing to pursue that dream and make it your reality, to make it your life? The sad thing is the majorty of people have a dream that they want to make true but never actually put the effort into doing it and just give up on it and leave it in the past to die. 

I myslef have a dream to become a professional photographer, I tried to make it a reality my making a website, going out and taking photos, uploading them to social media and contacting other photographers. And like most people I gave up on that dream and have yet to make it a reality.

Life is about living and living to your ability and showing the world who you are and what you are capable of. So to everyone listening get up off your but, no matter what you are doing right now take ten minutes out of your day and make a plan of your dream and lets make it a reality together! Lets show the world what we can do and show everyone your talent! 

Together we will make your dream a reality and finally live your life the way you have always wanted to.

-Prof. Nation

Social Anxiety

Do you suffer from social anxiety? Does it stop you from doing day to day things?

Don't me ashamed for having social anxiety. I myself Prof. Nation have social anxiety myself and for the people reading this who have social anxiety know what it's like but for the people who don't let me explain it to you.

I'm going to explain it to you by letting you know how my anxiety all started and how I'm overcoming it one step at a time.

When I was six years old my dad suddenly died of an unexpected heart attack. At this point I was still very young and didn't fully understand what was going on. I didn't know how to deal with my emotions and bottled them up for a very long time and wasn't able to talk to anyone. 

I was never able to talk about what happened to my dad with my mother or anyone in my family as I found it very difficult to speak about the situation. 

As I got older my anxiety got worse and I didn't make much friends and school was very hard for me. Trying to read out in front of the class or to even do a presentation was a struggle. When I finally finished school it got even worse as this was a time I had to get a job which means two things: 1. Answering phone calls for jobs and 2. Going to an interview. This was a constant struggle for me as I got chocked up on the phone and most of the time my anxiety got so bad I wasn't even able to answer the phone. 

My social anxiety is the number one reason as of today why I don't have any friends or have a job. But day by day I am beating my social anxiety and getting a step closer and riding it once and for all.

I can now answer phone calls and go to job interviews and I am slowley begining to start conversations with people and being able to keep them going.

I just want people to know who have social anxiety like myslef that your not alone, there are tones of us in the same boat, but we have one thing that can beat it and that is each others support and hearing each other out. 

If anyone reading this needs some advice or just someone to rant to send me a message and I'm always here to listen. Together we will beat soacial anxiety and show the world what it's missing! 

-Prof. Nation